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Polyethylene powder

for rotomoulding.


putting plastics to great uses.

Micropellets is a privately owned Australian company. We specifically supply polyethylene powder, our product brand is Rototuff™ and you can discover the colours and technical elements of our rotational powder by following the links here or viewing the Rototuff™ page. Follow the links to download pdf colour charts, RT711UV for tank rotomoulding manufacturing and RT705UV for vibrant colours used for other rotational moulding applications.

Whilst Micropellets is a relatively new company, established in 2005 its employees have extensive experience within the international plastics industry. Micropellet's manufacturing operations are located in Heatherton, Melbourne Victoria.

We aim to provide you with products that are the best quality, compititive in price and able to be delivered on time for production. We are committed to being the leading supplier of polyethylene powder for the Rotational Moulding industry.

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Rototuff™ RT711UV

Rototuff™ 711UV is suited to water tank rotomoulding use and is available in the colourbond colour scheme. Rototuff™ RT711UV is a Hexene Linear Low Density Polyethylene resin (LLDPE) material, specifically designed and manufactured to suit or exceed AS / NZS 4766 – 2006 and has been approved by SAI Global as complying with that standard and meets the legislative requirements for such compounds.

Rototuff™ RT711UV has been primarily but not exclusively produced for chemical and water tanks. Other typical applications like pool filters, kayaks etc may benefit where the Rototuff™, stiffness, toughness, processability and UV protection ensuring a long service life is required.

Certificate of conformity download

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Colors of rainbow. Pattern of multicolor
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Rototuff™ RT705UV

Rototuff™ 705UV is suited to general rotomoulding use and is available in a choice of vibrant colours.  Rototuff™ 705UV is a Linear Low Density Polyethylene resin (LLDPE) specifically designed and manufactured for enhanced processability, ESCR, and Chemical Resistance.
Rototuff™ RT705UV has been fully formulated with a UV stabilisation package which provides extended performance in harsh outdoor conditions.


Typical applications include items such as agricultural tanks and containers, recreational equipment, toys, and some water craft and pallets which may benefit from the Rototuff stiffness, toughness, processability and UV protection. The Rototuff™ RT705UV base resin including colour compounds from our General Colour range comply with the Australian Standard for Plastic Materials for Food Contact Use, AS 2070-1999.

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Industry leaders since 2005


SAI Global
Certificate of Conformity

Issued to Micropellets Pty Ltd

Rotationally moulded buried, partially buried and non-buried storage tanks for water and chemicals.​​

AS/NZS 4766:2020

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Qenos Pty Ltd

Suppliers of Hexene
LLDPE for Rototuff™

Quality ISO:9001

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Girl Drinking Water

Safe for contact with drinking water.


All of our Tank Colours are regularly tested for their safety and purity. The Australian Water Quality Centre tests for safety when products come into contact with drinking water. These Rototuff™  colours are 100% safe for contact with drinking water. You can create your products with confidence.

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