Rototuff General Colour Range

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State of the art plastics technology and quality

Vibrant colours for rotomoulded products. Based on more than 9 years industry experience, Micropellets are passionate about providing well designed products to rotational moulders in Asia Pacific. The Rototuff™ RT705UV base resin and the addition of colours comply with the Australian Standard for Plastic Materials for Food Contact Use, AS 2070-1999.

High weather-fastness

High colour-fastness

Custom colours available

Rototuff™ polyethylene powder is available throughout Australia; our extensive network is capable of delivering anywhere in Australasia. 

Rototuff™ polyethylene powder is perfect for the manufacture of: 

  • Residential Water Tanks

  • Commercial Water and Chemical Tanks

  • Underground tanks and pits

  • General Rotomoulding


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